as of: 18/03/2022

The content of this webpage includes information originally published as part of the company’s 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report, which has not been updated since such publication and, as a result, may no longer be up-to-date. Further, other content on this webpage may also be out-of-date.

Sustainability management

Sustainability strategy

Porsche further developed its activities in the area of sustainability in the year under review. These activities are based on the company’s Strategy 2030. Social and environmental changes at the global level are prompting the company to examine the entire value chain with the aim of continuously improving sustainability in all areas of its business activities.

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Sustainability organisation

Sustainability is enshrined as a central cross-cutting issue in Porsche’s Strategy 2030. Responsibility for this lies directly with the Chairman of the Executive Board, with additional support from the Member of the Executive Board responsible for Production and Logistics and the Member of the Executive Board responsible for Procurement.

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Stakeholder communication and dialogue

Porsche’s business activities touch on the interests of many people around the world. The company engages in proactive dialogue with its stakeholders and continuously expands this dialogue. Mutual understanding and acceptance can only be established on the basis of the open and transparent exchange of information and opinions. Stakeholder management at Porsche takes a 360-degree approach that aims to systematically record the expectations of each stakeholder group. 

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Stakeholder survey and materiality

Since 2013, Porsche stakeholders have, upon request, been offering the company their views and expectations regarding sustainability and future challenges. This exchange and the materiality analysis process occur every two years and serve as the cornerstones of reporting on and the reviewing and further development of the company’s sustainability strategy.


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