APX, a joint venture by Axel Springer SE and Porsche AG, is an early-stage investor supporting the most ambitious start-ups from around the world. Led by two managing directors, Jörg Rheinboldt and Dr Henric Hungerhoff, APX was launched in 2018 and has invested in more than 100 companies across various industries and in many countries.

APX invests up to 500,000 euros in start-ups before the Series A round – starting with an early investment of 50,000 euros.

The APX team works closely with founders to help them acquire paying customers, become investor-ready and close a follow-on funding round with the company on board.

"When a start-up gets APX as an investor, it also gets a long-term partner with a large network of hundreds of mentors, experts, portfolio companies and co-investors," says Jörg Rheinboldt, Managing Director of APX.

The founding team in focus

APX’s philosophy is that the founders are the focus. This is especially true of companies in the pre-seed phase, as they often need more than an investment and a solid network. That is why APX offers customised venture development specifically geared to the needs of start-ups. The aim is to enable them to obtain follow-up financing from further investors.

“We help our founders become stronger and build sustainable businesses,” explains Dr Henric Hungerhoff. “In doing so, we work with leading companies to strengthen our customised venture development or investor network. This makes the companies in our portfolio more successful.”

Cross-sector investment in digitally connected, user-centric businesses

Investments are made across sectors and focus on building digital, connected, user-centric businesses. The portfolio includes, among others, Trucksters, Qualifize, Dogo, Chargetrip, tucan.ai, VisioLab and Sharpist. A full list of companies can be found here.

In January 2021, Porsche reiterated its commitment to APX with increased investment. Together with its partner Axel Springer, the sports car manufacturer provided additional capital to the Berlin-based early-stage investor. APX can now fund new and existing portfolio companies with a volume of 55 million euros, allowing them to invest up to 500,000 euros in pre-seed start-ups even before the Series A round.

Interested start-ups and founders can submit their pitch decks here.

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