The 993 was seen as a pinnacle of the air-cooled era and the last of its kind. The integrated bumpers underlined the harmonious overall impression. The poly-ellipsoid headlights made the front section flatter than in its predecessors. The rear wings were designed to be wider, too, and ran in straighter lines to the rear. The entire light strip ran diagonally across the rear, with integrated tail lights and yellow indicator lights.

Model variants

The 993 added to the range of variants within the 911 family. Alongside the Carrera 2, Carrera 4 and Turbo, there were now also GT and RS models available. New variants followed with the 911 Carrera 4S with all-wheel drive, which was soon followed by the 911 Carrera S with the wide body and chassis of the 911 Turbo.

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A pattern with a history

A pattern with a history

Tartan fabrics symbolise tradition and craftsmanship, belonging and confidence. Exactly 50 years ago, three tartans could be found on the options list exclusively for the Porsche 911 Turbo.